Cut your utility bills this winter with zone heating! Heat just the rooms you use with the Comfort Smart Infrared Fireplace
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Comfort Smart 600 Sq Ft Infrared Fireplace - CS-18IR Only 4 Easy Payments of $49.99+$19.99 S&P - Order Now!
  • Why would I pay money heating the entire house? I turn on the Comfort Smart Fireplace and it warms the entire room in just minutes. I love it! – James

  • I love my Comfort Smart. It keeps me warm and toasty from the moment I turn it on. – JoAnn
  • Provides that extra heat to our office area – very sturdy construction. Controls are very well done--fan blower average--two heat settings a plus. would recommend as a quality product. – Tom

  • Our living room is a bit cool in the winter months. This a great! It is perfect! My cats certainly love it! – Bill
  • We wanted a fireplace but have limited wall space. This fits perfectly and keeps the living space heated great! It is very compact yet heats the open living room & dining room, keeping it very comfortable. – J Bower
Just plug it in!Just plug it in for the instant ambiance of a traditional wood-burning fireplace

Comfort Smart Infrared Electric Fireplace Benefits:

• Instant heat for up to 600 square feet
• Cool to the touch – safe for children and pets
• Realistic flame effect & glowing logs and ember bed
• Cost efficient – 8¢ per hour*
• Compact and lightweight
• Ideal for zone heating

*Based on average cost of electricity in the continental United States


• High output infrared quartz tube heating elements with powerful fan
• Heats up to 600 sq ft – up to 50% more than similar style fireplaces
• Two heat settings – 500W and 1000W
• Realistic logs, ember bed and flame effect
• Flame and heat functions operate independently – enjoy year round with or without heat
• Modern, adjustable flame technology is beautiful and maintenance free
• Adjustable thermostat dial
• Vent-free design is super efficient – no energy lost through traditional venting
• Plugs into standard 120V outlet - no renovations required
• Lightweight model easily moves from room to room
• Safe for children and pets – stays cool to the touch
• Zone heating option – heat just the rooms you use, instead of heating the whole house
• Save energy – turn down the thermostat on your central heating system
• Save money with lower utility bills
Turn Down Your Thermostat and Save $$$!
You can save serious money on your utility bill by using the concept of "zone heating" to heat only the rooms you use the most, when you’re using them.
Just turn down your thermostat on your main heating system and use the Comfort Smart Infrared Electric Fireplace in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, basement – wherever you spend your time. It generates a soothing, even heat that will keep your family warm and comfortable, for as little as 8¢ per hour*
The Comfort Smart Infrared Fireplace is a great supplemental heat source as compared to wood, natural gas, propane and fuel oil – without the mess and inconvenience.
It's that simple and easy – stop wasting your utility dollars heating empty rooms. Start saving today!

*Based on average cost of electricity in the continental United States
Better Technology – Better Heat
Infrared heaters are some of the most efficient, safe and cost effective forms of portable heat available to use in the home
This type of heat actually works much like natural sunlight, where the heat is distributed more evenly and absorbed more easily than that generated by more traditional heaters
Infrared creates the sense of "whole room heat" in just a matter of minutes. Utilizing the latest technology in radiant heating, infrared heaters work with the natural humidity within the air, so it doesn’t dry out the air you breathe
Infrared heaters are exceptionally safe for children and pets. Because the infrared heat source is encased within the unit, as it is with the Comfort Smart Infrared Fireplace, the chassis remains cool to the touch, with the only noticeable form of heat coming directly from the mesh opening beneath the unit
Infrared heat also requires less energy to create more heat, making it a great option for cutting utility bills during the cooler months
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Extended Warranty
Extend our manufacturer’s standard 1-year warranty to a full two years with a DirectProtect Extended Warranty. For the next 2 years, we will replace your Comfort Smart Infrared Fireplace should it have any problems or defects occur with normal use.

Just $24.96 (4 payments of $6.24)
Fire Crackler Sound System
Create an even more realistic experience for friends and family with the sound of a real wood fire. Regular price $39.99 – save $15.

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Rush Shipping
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30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee with every order
No need to add anything to your order – your purchase is automatically covered by our 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not happy with your Comfort Smart Infrared Fireplace for any reason, just return it within 30 days of purchase for a full refund – we’ll even pay the return shipping costs!
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Fire Crackler
Sound System
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